Organic Gardening for Kids
Organic Gardening For Kids by Elizabeth Scholl is a good introduction to the reasons for organic gardening and some basic precepts, but it's very text-heavy and there's really only one large project - creating an organic garden. It does have a very thorough approach though, talking about planning, climates, pest control, and more.
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How to make a Nature Bracelet 

You will need:

A child happy to go on a lovely walk in nature. 

Wide tape, we use masking tape or some super sticky duck tape (we use the extra sticky version)

A keen eye

Make a bracelet with the tape round your child's wrist, sticky side out, and saunter to and around your chosen natural place (we're lucky here to have woods, a stream, hills and fields nearby but woods are Good) and collect your treasures. Have your child stick them on to their tape and - voila! - you have a nature bracelet.

You just have to keep a bit of an eye on what they're collecting. We've found interesting large stones and sticks do not good adornments make funnily enough. Sometimes the younger children are a bit reluctant to relinquish their bracelets at bedtime but we snip them and hang them up so they can love them that little bit longer.
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Teaching children to garden is teaching them about how life works. Let them sow a seed and nurture a plant, and they learn about the cycle of life and about time, patience, nature, and cause and effect.
As much as possible, let children make the decisions about what to plant and where to plant it. Put them in charge of the plant's fate.

They'll learn that it requires some patience. Gardening takes time, but that's how nature works. Gardening teaches children that sometimes you have to slow down and wait for something to happen.

Beau Monde supports Kids Gardening.  On this page we will have tons of  fun links, projects that you can do either at home or school, great book information, color sheets, freebies and more!   


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